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Your credit line allows you to pursue your dreams, passions and plans, but it can as well become a trap.

New equipment, car, exotic holidays, weekend trips, or a new bike? The list of our dreams and plans is long, and yet we do not like to be limited in time and financially in making them all come true. One of the ways to finance such ideas are loan and credit offers, widely advertised by financial institutions. All the time banks create new solutions to improve and facilitate the access to additional funds for their customers' plans.

The National Debt Register (KRD) Report presents an analysis of the indebtedness of Poles aged 36- 59 and describes what we usually take loans for.

Statistically, people aged 36- 59 have a mortgage, loans for new equipment and a credit card (for holidays or just in case). According to the analysis, when a Pole exchanges a smartphone for a new one, he most frequently uses installment purchases with the 0% option, even though he may have his own savings. Installment purchase with the 0% option is a convenient form of improving the comfort of living, but also in this situation - it is good to stay reasonable. At some point, excessive consumerism can take over the wallet and undoubtedly affect the creditworthiness. We should remember that a debt should always be paid. Even if the only motivation for it will be to receive a new credit line for new list of plans and dreams.

We recommend reading the KRD press release:

Joanna Skawińska, analyst at the Development Division of the Debt Collection Area